Mimetic Marketing: Why Your Joke Always Fall Flat

As a marketer, sometimes it can seem like all you do is chase after the most recent trend, which is why social media marketing has become such a necessary component of good marketing campaigns. The real question then becomes: What’s the new trend?

Answer: It’s memes, fam.

Now don’t worry, I will explain this term because I’m sure even people who recognize a social media trend are often confused by the term “meme.” So, we’ll start with the basics.

What is a meme?

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Is Your Networking Shallow?

Whenever someone sends me an invite to a family function I’m quick to reply: I don’t do weddings and I don’t do funerals. This is not entirely true.  I have done plenty of both.  However, I am selective because the amount of socializing at family affairs often overwhelms me.  This struck me funny since I could easily walk into a room filled with total strangers and spend a few minutes with each one.

At a recent family function, my sister-in-law commented on this.  We had returned to small town of Libby, MT where my husband grew up, and I have always marveled at the extensive conversations they had with people they hadn’t seen in years.  My sister-in-law commented that a lot of time was spent keeping strong relationships with the neighbors. She had noticed that relationships were extremely important in places like Libby where the economy struggled to recover.  She contrasted this to Middle Class America were people focus less on building deep relationship and more on getting ahead. Continue reading