#Mountain Monday July 10, 2017

Pagesculptor Studios has taken on the awesome job of co-directing the 52nd Annual Gold Discovery Run. Felix Pedro struck gold on July 22, 1902, in a creek 12 miles north of E. T. Barnette’s Trading Post. In 1965 the Gold Discovery Run was inaugurated to commemorate his discovery, which led to gold fever and the founding of Fairbanks. Sunday, July 23, 2017 will mark the 52nd Annual running of this unique event, which is part of the Usibelli Running Series.  The race is 16.3 miles starting at Cleary Summit crossing trails and road before ending at Silver Gulch Brewery.

Following that is a regular board meeting of the Fairbanks Cycle Club.  As a triathlete, studio owner Rachael Kvapil has taken on the role of President of FCC for the second year in a row. She believes in contributing to the health of the community through mental, emotional, and physical activity and works with organizations who do the same.

How is your Monday shaping up?

Always Be Ready For A New Market

And just to be clear, I don’t mean younger when I say new.

Let me use my three year journey as a triathlete to illustrate.

Seven years ago, I became acquainted with a couple, both triathletes at the local pool. I could barely swim. In fact, at the time I was a ballet, hip hop, contemporary dancer on the brink of retirement.  I swam at the pool because my dance career had started stressing me out.  The male component of the couple was training for an Ironman.  I nodded with some mild understanding.  My high school running coach had competed in Kona.  And while it sounded exciting and all, I was just trying to keep in shape for my next dance performance.

Then shortly after I retired from dance, I started running.  I completed my first marathon.

Then I started biking again. Continue reading

Better When Wet

Finally got my hands on the swim cap I designed for the Fairbanks Arctic Swim Team  (F.A.S.T) Masters. Sorry, it’s a little wet. I wore it in swim practice today. This design is also being enlarged for a team banner that will travel to team competitions.