Can Marketing be to Predatory?

Authored by Ivan Kvapil, Pagesculptor Studios Strategic Manager

Disclaimer: This piece is largely meant to be opinion based in nature and I do draw a lot of my information from a single source for this article. However, the source is a veteran of the industry and while frequently is decried by other members of the video game industry he frequently goes above and beyond to provide truthful and accurate information. If you wish to gain further knowledge about the topics presented in this article I recommend checking out his YouTube channel.

If you are vaguely aware of video games, or have a friend who is vaguely aware of video games it is likely you’ve heard something regarding Electronic Arts (EA) loot box controversy. To sum it up, EA released early access copies of Star Wars Battlefront 2 to people so they could get feedback from their audience before an official release. During this “beta,” gamers frequently complained that the system was intrinsically tied to loot boxes, and heavily favored those willing to pay for them rather than play for them. Continue reading