Mimetic Marketing Pt. 2: Happy Little Accidents

This is a continuation of my previous article about the pitfalls of memes in marketing. If you haven’t read that yet please do as this article will only further build on the ideas of that article.

Now that that’s out of the way lets dive into it.

Last time I told you not to use memes in your marketing campaigns, this time I’m going to tell you something slightly different. Let other people use memes. Now I know this is sounds really weird but I’m going to present you with some examples of what I mean. Continue reading

Mimetic Marketing: Why Your Joke Always Fall Flat

As a marketer, sometimes it can seem like all you do is chase after the most recent trend, which is why social media marketing has become such a necessary component of good marketing campaigns. The real question then becomes: What’s the new trend?

Answer: It’s memes, fam.

Now don’t worry, I will explain this term because I’m sure even people who recognize a social media trend are often confused by the term “meme.” So, we’ll start with the basics.

What is a meme?

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Don’t Let Them Leave Empty Handed

Since the dawn of commerce business owners have looked for new ways to get their product into customers’ hands. But what if your don’t have a tangible product or a product that, for whatever reason, can’t go home for an extended trial period? Pagesculptor Studios faced both these challenges this month, creating separate solutions that provide value to potential customers until they were ready to commit to the buying process. Continue reading