Overcoming the Fear of Facebook Live

25 years as a para-professional dancer taught me several things:

  • Know your stuff BEFORE you get on stage;
  • Expect the Director to realize the day of the show he/she wants to CHANGE some aspect of the performance because suddenly they don’t like it;
  • Inevitably a performer gets sick or injured resulting in FURTHER changes where YOU having to step in for them at the last minute;
  • Some little kid drops gum on stage even after you have told them no chewing gum while performing. Now you have to subtly sweep it up so a pointe shoe dancer doesn’t fall to her death.
  • Oh yeah… the show must go on.

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Facebook Live Feed: FBX Bike Party

Proof that technology is unpredictable sometimes! We have used Facebook Live with out clients several times this year. Living in Alaska can be a challenge.  Not only is WiFi access sparse compared to places like New York, LA, or even Anchorage, half the time we can’t even get a stable 4G (if we get signal at all)!  But that didn’t stop us from commemorating the Inaugural FBX Bike Party coordinated by Jennifer Eskridge and John Stowman of Fairbikes Bike Sharing and Working INC.  This Luau themed party took riders on an 8-10 mile ride through downtown Fairbanks.

Do These Insights Reflect Reality?

Discuss the merit of a campaign with a marketer and it won’t be too long before the jargon hits the conversation stream.  Terms like ‘quantitative‘ and ‘qualitative data‘ are thrown around like scientists analyzing a white board with a couple ‘demographics‘ and ‘A/B testing‘ mentions to clarify that this is business.

Facebook-pages-New-InsightsI am no different though analyzing metrics never really came into play until I was married.  My husband would annually present his Excel spreadsheet on the screen, all the cells filled with every spending category in the family budget alongside a corresponding dollar amount. He even had the formulas in place so that if you changed one number, they all changed accordingly.  My husband loves numbers. Continue reading