The Silver Lining of Taxes

Last week I paid taxes for the first time in 12 years.  Honestly, I had mixed feelings about this as a business owner. Sure the upside is my tax money, in theory, funds utilitarian projects like roads, schools, and social programs.  The downside is handing over a chunk of money without receiving a tangible return that directly benefits my business.

Apps like Trip Tracker could possibly make a difference next tax season.

Apps like Trip Tracker could possibly make a difference next tax season.

Can you tell I’m not the one responsible for my family taxes?  Otherwise, I’m sure I would have gone through this reflection already.  However, I have found a way to put a spin on it all. Continue reading

Do These Insights Reflect Reality?

Discuss the merit of a campaign with a marketer and it won’t be too long before the jargon hits the conversation stream.  Terms like ‘quantitative‘ and ‘qualitative data‘ are thrown around like scientists analyzing a white board with a couple ‘demographics‘ and ‘A/B testing‘ mentions to clarify that this is business.

Facebook-pages-New-InsightsI am no different though analyzing metrics never really came into play until I was married.  My husband would annually present his Excel spreadsheet on the screen, all the cells filled with every spending category in the family budget alongside a corresponding dollar amount. He even had the formulas in place so that if you changed one number, they all changed accordingly.  My husband loves numbers. Continue reading

What Feeds Your Soul?

TEDx Fairbanks

Lecture series like TED Talks fuels my soul. What keeps you refreshed spiritually and creatively?

I’m addicted to TED Talks.  I revealed this a few years back during KUAC‘s annual fund drive pitching–you guessed it– the TED Radio Hour.  The addiction is so real I once threatened to stop cooking Thanksgiving Dinner if they changed my streaming playlist to football.  No joke.

Thankfully, I am not alone.  The Hub, a downtown venue that opened recently, holds a weekly TED Talk discussion group. We watch a couple episodes and then

ruminate on ideas and inspirations that came to mind during the feature lecture.  Sometimes the conversations are very focused on the talk themselves, sometimes discussions branch off into brainstorming sessions or debates.  No week is ever the same.

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Last Year As A Pre-Teen



Pagesculptor Studio’s 12th Birthday caught me off guard. I had worked all day in the studio when an alert popped up on my screen around 4pm: Congratulations! Pagesculptor Studios is 12-years-old. I stared at the screen blurry eyed. This year had been so amazing, and the company had grown in so many ways. It reminded me of when Ivan had turned 12 all those years back. One big spurt right before his teenage years. And then it all moved so quickly from there.

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